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Outdoor Accent LED Strip Lighting: Lighting the Way

Outdoor accent LED strip lighting in the GTA is among the most impressive ways to improve the look of a home or business. The best LED lighting systems available today can be customized easily and are a cost-effective way to convey enthusiasm for holidays, projects, sports teams, and charitable causes. If you’re looking for a unique way to add a little colour to your home, it might be worth your while to investigate the advantages bestowed upon those who opt for LED strip lighting systems.



When it comes to lighting options, nothing matches up to LEDs in terms of efficiency. LEDs don’t typically generate any heat, unlike incandescent bulbs, and as a result they use very little energy to operate. They last upwards of fifty-thousand hours, which at usage rates of eight to ten hours a night means a lifespan of over twenty years. Long-lasting, energy efficient lighting that is virtually maintenance-free, is unheard of with any other lighting solution. These are just some of the reasons that make LEDs an ideal choice for anyone looking for something more from a lighting system.


Customized Lighting

When the most sought after outdoor LED strip lighting option is chosen, users are sometimes surprised to learn about the truly impressive customization available. The LEDs can be programmed to remain static, blink, and can even appear to be moving. The colour of the lights can also be altered to just about any colour scheme one could imagine. All of this customization is done through the convenience of a smartphone app. With just a few simple swipes and taps, lighting can be changed in seconds. The ability to customize lighting so easily and conveniently makes LED strip lighting a remarkably interesting option for homeowners everywhere.


Show Your Colours

There are several options available for those looking for a little creativity in their outdoor lighting. With the exception of LED lighting, they all involve a long trip around the building with a ladder and a bag full of different coloured light bulbs. The customization abilities that come with LED strip lighting make it easy to show your love for any number of holidays. Likewise, changing your lights to show support for your favorite sports team on game day is simple. They can even be programmed with specific colours to help show your support for various charitable causes. Why not show your support for breast cancer awareness by setting up your lights with a brilliant pink? There’s no end to the options open to LED light strip users.


When it comes to exterior lighting, not much can even come close to the opportunities presented by outdoor accent LED strip lighting in the GTA. The efficiency and customization levels can’t be matched by any other means of illumination. To learn more about LED strip lighting for your home or business, contact only the most reputable retailers and installers in the GTA. Companies like Ablaze Lighting will be happy to introduce you to the amazing options available and will have your home or business lit up to satisfy even the most discerning homeowner’s tastes.